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Online Video poker

At the first sight video poker seems to be a game of chance like the slot machines. That could not be more wrong. Video Poker is not a game of chance. The player has to make important decisions and theese decisions is the difference between winning and losing. But if you know your video poker, and that different types of video poker demands different types of playing strategy, you are ahead of the most video poker players today.

With the right strategy the player could almost wipe out the house edge and make it to his advantage in any video poker game.

As opposite to regular poker, video poker is a game you play all alone. Itīs you and the machine which is quite comfortable. Sure, if you play online or in a landbased casino you can have a really nice time playing. But when playing from home itīs up to you how you want to look, eat, drink, itīs your choice to make.

Before you start playing video poker you should know the pokerhands and how they rank. Even if itīs not the same as regular poker, the value of the hands is the same.

Video poker

Video Poker History

The first video poker machine saw the light in 1976, with a b/w screen and was first seen as a gimmic. The first one was built by Bally Manufacturing but it should just take a year until Fortune Coin Company made a video poker machine with a colour screen. What was started as a gimmic became one of the hottest casino games in just a few years. Today, video poker is popular then ever and the online casinos come up with more games and huge jackpots.

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